About Kombucha

​So, I’ve been seeing kombucha everywehre. Where exactly does it come from?

Kombucha was first documented around 220 BCE in the Tsin Dynasty in China. It was known as the “elixir of life” along with other monikers that denote its ability to positively effect the body, mind, and spirit of the drinker. Though these early brewers of kombucha were unaware of the precise reasons why this was the case, we now know that kombucha is full of probiotics and organic acids. The knowledge of its vital role in creating and maintaining a healthy life has led its ever increasing popularity around the world in the 21st century. 

 What is kombucha actually made of and is it really good for me? 

​To put it simply, Kombucha is a fermented tea. A symbiotic colony of bacteria and yeast (SCOBY) is added to a mixture of tea, sugar, and starter from a previous kombucha batch. When this SCOBY (also called the mother) is added to the sugared tea, it effectively starts to eat the sugar. This process forms a baby scoby, and the byproducts of this fermentation are a natural proliferation of good bacterias, yeasts, and organic acids that give the drinker benefits for their gut and overall health. COM KOM Tom explains, “It simply makes you feel great. No, drinking kombucha won’t make you do a backflip, but you will feel better. This general sense of well being is why people quickly begin to crave it because our bodies hanker for things that make them feel good. This is why we like to call kombucha “the new kind of feel good.” Beer, wine, energy drinks, and coffee are great and we enjoy them too, but kombucha is different. So, whether it be at lunch, at work, after a workout, or to sip on after dinner, drink a kombucha. It’s good anytime and will make you feel good.”

Why should I buy COM KOM instead of one of those other kombuchas on the shelf?

We are huge advocates of reading the labels of the products you put into your body. We encourage you to read your labels and ensure that your kombucha meets the high standard that we strive to meet for our customers. 

  • Natural Probiotics: COM KOM is fully fermented and contains naturally produced probiotics and organic acids. We do not use laboratory produced probiotics, like the national brands.
  • Real Flavors: We do not use “natural” flavors that come from a vial. We only put realwholenatural food in our kombucha.
  • No Added Sweeteners: We do not put additional sugars and sweeteners in COM KOM outside of what is required for fermentation. Some sugar is naturally left over after fermentation takes place, and thus we believe that adding more is unnecessary and does not benefit our customers. 
  • Low Carbon Footprint: COM KOM is made in St. Louis, Missouri and can be found throughout the midwest. The industry leaders in the kombucha industry are nearly exclusively from the west coast and are distributed across the country.